1. If you choose option 1 (to do your own SL project, either as an individual or

1. If you choose option 1 (to do your own SL project, either as an individual or as a group), or option 2 (to work as a group to promote student health and wellness on the regional campuses) please submit the two initial S-L paperwork documents — MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDINGAND THEE SERVICE-LEARNING PLAN. Or 2. Please submit an ARP outline if you choose to do the alternative Service-Learning Project. You should have ideas and may have already talked to (or about to talk to your client (Jerry or Robyn) along with what you have done in Task#2 should help you fine-tune your outline. This outline can help identify what you will need to accomplish in your next tasks. Your ARP outline should have (in this order) Title Page
Table of contents (if need help on how to do this, please contact me)
Executive Summary (this will be written later as part of task #7. So, you only need to have a place for it in the paper outline).
Body (you should break this up into sections and have section titles). This part of the paper is where you would give me more details from the literature review, to what you will be doing (drawing from your task#2). This part is very important.
Conclusion (This is to summarize all the challenges you think the organization is faced with in terms of how to promote leadership on the regional campuses among among the international/online students.)
Recommendations/suggestions/and implementation. This is the most important part of the paper that you will keep working on.
References (Please take a look at some APA format examples for references)
Tables and Figures–there are two options for the placement of tables (and figures) in a paper. The first is to embed tables in the text after each is first mentioned (or “called out”); the second is to place each table on a separate page after the reference list.
Appendices (if any)
Please note that APA style does not call for any running headers. So, please only have the page number in the header. APA also does not call for section/heading “Introduction”. So, the very first page of the boy must have the tile of the paper and get right to the introduction without having a section title.The 35 double-spaced page requirement covers the body, conclusion, and recommendations, but does not include the title page, table of contents, the executive summary, tables and figures, and references. For this initial S-L paperwork, you will be graded on the body and the suggested short recommendations.
Requirements: 1 day