Assignment Instructions:Read:Federal acquisition regulation: Reporting of noncon

Assignment Instructions:Read:Federal acquisition regulation: Reporting of nonconforming items to the government-industry data exchange program. (2019). (). Washington: Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc., J. (2018). The Glenn defense marine Asia problem: The role of ethics in procurement reform. Public Contract Law Journal, 48(1), 16-34. Retrieved from, T. B. A. (2015). A restitution alternative for department of defense agencies to combat program fraud civil remedies act-level cases under FAR 9.4A. Public Contract Law Journal, 44(3), 469-476,478-504. Retrieved from the Greene case study, “The Glenn defense marine Asia problem,” article and integrate ideas from the other listed articles. Determine which of the regulations in the reading violated regulations. Be sure to discuss why the actions in the case study illustrate the selected regulations selected.Create section titles-use essay title name for the introduction. The introduction should be the only section title with no bold font. The rest of the section titles (levels one and two) should be in bold font.Instructions:Essay format; not bullet format
Minimum 3 full pages of content (Word Document) of material (does not include a cover page, abstract, nor reference pages)
All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)
Format according to the APA style guide Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%)
Requirements: At least 3 pages + Title + References

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