Capstone Project: Franchising Strategy for Cazba Corporation BACKGROUND OF THE C

Capstone Project: Franchising Strategy for Cazba Corporation BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY Cazba Corporation is a family-owned business that operates across 2 retail storefronts, 4 quick service food court locations, and one mobile food truck within the lower mainland of Vancouver Canada. The company has over 50 employees. The business is owned and operated by the Sigari Family, who have been the sole shareholders since the company’s formation. Cazba was initially established in 1991 on 14th and Lonsdale in North Vancouver. After several successful years of operations, the Sigari family was presented with an opportunity take over and operate a much larger Persian restaurant in West Vancouver called Caspian. In 1996 they decided to close Cazba in North Vancouver and pursue the West Vancouver opportunity. Caspian restaurant was a Persian restaurant which catered to a higher-end market. Caspian was located on 15th and Marine Drive in West Vancouver. Due to personal reasons the Sigari family sold Caspian Restaurant in 2000. In 2008, in the thick of the recession, the Sigari family decided to reopen Cazba restaurant. Within two years they expanded the restaurant size by acquiring the neighboring two storefronts. This Cazba restaurant is currently still operating on W16th Ave in North Vancouver. In 2010, they decided to expand the business and acquired a mobile food truck that occasionally operates at Granville and Robson Street but is mostly used for catering events. Three years later in 2013, Cazba opened the second restaurant location on Davie Street in Vancouver Downtown. This was a great success that led the company to purchase a 5,000 SQ FT food preparation commissary located near Marine Drive in North Vancouver, in 2017. This commissary was strategically purchased to meet the demand for future production growth. Cazba’s Current Mission & Vision
Cazba’s current mission is to provide generous portions of fresh, non-processed high-quality Persian food at affordable prices. Cazba’s Moto is “Always fresh, never frozen”. Cazba’s vision is to be a globally recognized brand that has operations all across North America. Cazba Quick Service Food Court Expansion/ Growth strategy
Considering the restaurant was a success, the company decided to evaluate customers’ demand for Persian Cuisine in food court markets. As such, in 2017 it opened the first food court mall location in Capilano Mall in North Vancouver hoping for its success. Soon after they realized that this was an excellent decision and there is a huge demand for Persian Cuisine at food court locations. For this reason, in 2018 the company opened their second food court location in Coquitlam Centre in Port Coquitlam and one year after the third location in Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby. In July 2021 Cazba opened up their fourth food court located in the new Brentwood Town Centre in Burnaby. To gain profit and increase customer demand Cazba has had to customize its menu, food prices, and services to compete with other competitors within the food court locations. This has required Cazba to design these outlets entirely to create value for specific customer segment needs. Cazba Corporation Future Growth Interests- Franchising Cazba Corporation is interested in further expanding and increasing the organizational operations within the lower mainland and domestically in Canada. It would like to continue to grow through direct expansion, market penetration, and market development through the use of its quick-service business model “Cazba Express/Cazba Persian Grill”(goes by both names). The company is interested in to further grow with its existing products and in exploring the option of growing the company through a franchise model. This growth can be in a different geographical location, targeting new customer segments, and or through identifying a new distribution channel. Hence, it is crucial to understand which strategic location will offer a higher Return on Investment (ROI). This enables the company to formulate and ultimately implement a better strategic decision to grow the company and expand its economic impact on the Canadian economy. THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS PROJECT This case analysis would facilitate Cazba Corporation to recognize how it can create growth opportunity and where it should expand to maintain its success in the North American food industry. For Cazba to achieve the strategic objectives it is essential to have a better understanding of the business and industry environment. This enables the company to comprehend business dimensions within the broader society. It further assists the company to recognize the industry landscape and discover factors that directly influence its competitive actions and competitive responses. The below table illustrates the total number of Cazba’s business units. Business Units Qty. Cazba Restaurant 2 Cazba Quick Service Mall locations 4 Food Truck 1 Question: Competitive Environment & Industry and Sector Analysis Context: based on Cazba Corporate strategic objectives,
Understand the industry structure & environment through analysis frame the strategic and competitive context Cazba Express within your region.
Evaluate Cazba’s Express competitive environment using Porter’s Five Forces model with respect to TOP 3 competitors.
Requirements: 400 -500 words

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