Chapter 1 – Mini CaseSherman Marketing has a large client in the restaurant indu

Chapter 1 – Mini CaseSherman Marketing has a large client in the restaurant industry. Given the restrictions due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, revenue is down for this client. They are asking for a new advertising plan to turn around the losses. You have given this task to your best team. The team consists of 4 long standing members: Amy, Bob, Cara, and Donovan. The team has worked together for nearly a decade, is a top performing team, and has little if any direct supervision from management. As with many companies, the team members are all working from home and meet via zoom as needed. When you scheduled a meeting to go over the new assignment, only Amy and Bob were in attendance. The others replied that they had family conflicts with online schooling for their kids and would catch up via email later with Amy and Bob. Amy and Bob seem fine with this and said that they are used to meeting as only two with the others on email exclusively. Answer the following questions in full sentence format. Remember to use cited key terms, definitions, and theories from your textbook in each answer. In paragraph citations (with page numbers) and a formal reference are always expected.1. Describe the task focus and type of team autonomy for the team.2. What problems do you foresee with the team being able to satisfy the client’s need for a new advertising plan? Explain3. Provide specific suggestions (based on your chapter reading) to resolve the problems you describe above.
Requirements: 400 Words

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