Explain clearly system engineering and pathways within MTC. Avoid copy from net

Explain clearly system engineering and pathways within MTC. Avoid copy from net and avoid explaining wrong things like writing about information system and architecture engineering, project management.2) Your project is rescue bridge robot and we are using Lego robot EV3, if you write or mention different project such as Tour robot , Missile robot , fish robot , autonomous car , etc , you will fail the project part and you will get zero. Any other Irrelevant project will be zero as well 3) It was noticed that you are using a previous year 2019-2020 project and evaluation points, evaluation of rescue bridge robot was explained, you don’t need to mention evaluation points for other project or irrelevant to rescue bridge robot cause will be wrong and you will get zero again.4) Your design bridge is from wood (bamboo and PINE) , any explanation for other design ( civil bridge , iron bridge , river bridge , isolated island bridge , any irrelevant bridge for our MTC4027 will be wrong ) and you will get zero mark.5) You need to explain features of bridge drawing, just copy paste feature from net is not acceptable, and also you must show weight calculations and explain the good and bad about wood bridge design. 6) You are writing scientific report, references are expected to be within report ( minimum 6 ) and cited correctly within text.7) Design cycle figure must be included and each step explained.8) Don’t forget that you are using Solidwork, free cad, those are simulations software, mention importance of modeling and simulation in engineering design.9) Follow the template you were given and answer all questions correctly- don’t delete any part of any question or heading, writing irrelevant information within text will lead you get zero. Also, ensure you write report by yourself because you are the one who attended the lab and know the project.
Requirements: good enough

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