For this Assignment, you must submit a NO MORE THAN THREE-PAGE (one-inch border,

For this Assignment, you must submit a NO MORE THAN THREE-PAGE (one-inch border, 12 point Times New Roman) consent form that subjects would read and sign to acknowledge their “informed consent”. The summary of the study is as follows:The “Medic-2’s Cricothyrotomy Kit” is a new style of airway management system that allows Paramedics to secure the complicated airways of pediatric patients easier than any other device on the market. It is designed to allow the user to insert the catheter without the need of manually finding the traditional landmarks. This device has been successfully tested on animals. This group would be the first small sample of humans to be used as subjects. (Remember, you must obtain INFORMED CONSENT. That means that you have certain obligations as to what must be included in this form and as to who can sign it.)Use the following as titles for each section of the form.- name of study- name and contact information for principle investigator- name of approving institution (who you would use, like a school or hospital)- reason for and intent of the study, and procedures to be used- rights of participants (for example, what happens if they want to refuse to participate or to stop participating)- risks for any injury or harm (including financial or to their health)- compensation and or lack of (including health care cost to participant if reasonable to expect harm to occur)- cost(s) to participant (if any, like travel, childcare or buying a piece of equipment)- witness that is objective to verify that participation was not coerced- translation if needed (for example, if the participant does not speak English proficiently)

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