Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need support to help me learn.Look at my paragraph below and edit for parts of speech. There are 20 mistakes. When you correct a mistake, highlight it, so others can easily see. I will post answers at the end of the week for you to compare to.After posting your answer, comment on a groupmate’s post with a minimum of 5 sentences. Let them know if they missed something or if you think they should correct something differently. You can also tell them what they did well or ask a question. Not only do I sometimes make mistakes when making bids, I also has trouble receiving bids when I am preoccupied, when I feel attacked, or when I am already angry near something Like many people, when I am on computer, I mindlessly turn away from bids next to my husband and son because I feel busy though I know this hurts they feelings. gottman tell us “when somebody turns away from a bid, the bidder loses confidence and self-esteem” (47) So, I am send the message that the computer is important more than you, which hurts me relationships. Another mistake happens when I feel defensive because of a bid negative. In the text, Gottman tell us that defensiveness is problem because instead of hearing a complaint, “the respondent may act like an innocent victim of misplaced blame” (52). As a result, I doesn’t hear the problem my husband or son is telling me about; instead, I focus on arguing why it isn’t my fault, and this doesn’t fixes the problem at all Ultimately, if I am already upset about something, I make the error of turning against the person making a bid for connection Gottman speaks of “Contradictory responses, in which a person seems intent on starting a debate or argument” (51). So, if I am already angry, a casual bid might cause me to make negative comment because I have not fixed the issue I am truly upset about, and this harms my relationships
Requirements: less than one

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