Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.What moment had a great impact on your life? Write a personal narrative in which you tell the story of this moment and reflect on this moment’s significance.What is a Personal Narrative? As you read about last week, a personal narrative is a description of a significant moment in one’s life. Also called a memoir, this type of writing can fall in the genres of biography or autobiography. Personal narratives are intended to describe and reflect on an something that changed one’s life in a meaningful way. According to writer Gore Vidal “A memoir is how one remember one’s own life.” What events are typically described in a Personal Narrative? A personal narrative can be about any moment that brought about any type of emotion for the writer. Personal narratives are often about a moment of overcoming adversity or addiction, surviving a difficult situation, or a person or an animal that impacted one’s life in a profound way.Why do people write Personal Narratives? ✓ To share a moment of triumph or success, to detail how they managed to overcome an obstacle or challenge. To share the internal struggle that it took overcome this challenge. ✓ To connect with a reader who may be experience similar challenges, to inspire others to face the difficulties in their own lives. ✓ As a means to understand and reflect on their own lived experiences and acknowledge moments that helped to shape their lives. Writing your narrative… Select just ONE of the ideas you brainstormed last week, keep in mind that will be shared publicly with peers and instructor, don’t write about something that you wouldn’t want shared.✓ 4-6 Pages ✓ The story of a memory ✓ Full of details, dialogue, vivid description ✓ Reflect on the significance of the moment ✓ Reflect on what you learned, gained, realized about yourself that you didn’t before this moment (must have a thesis statement)MLA Format ExampleActions➢ Typed ➢ Size 12 Font ➢ Times New Roman ➢ Double space entire paper ➢ Indent all paragraphs ➢ Header and page # correctly formatted (see examples) ➢ Title (relevant to the topic) centered and capitalized
Requirements: 5 pages