Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.Argumentative Essay Discussion BoardThis discussion board was created to give you an opportunity to share your argumentative rough drafts and get some feedback from the class. I will also provide you feedback on this as quickly as possible in my private comments.Drafts that are too short, overly broad/vague, off topic or showing no effort to incorporate the readings and worksheets will not receive full credit.Discussion PromptOnce you have finished your rough draft of the argumentative paper, you should upload it here. Ideally, it should already include your Works Cited page. I would recommend cutting and pasting the text directly in to the text box (as I think you will make things slightly easier for your classmates), but if that (for instance) causes too many formatting issues, feel free to attach it to your comment instead.If you do not post a rough draft, you will not be able to earn a grade higher than 70% on the final draft, regardless of how good it is.After people have uploaded their drafts, you are to pick two classmates and comment on their posts–at least one paragraph each giving them feedback about their drafts.Rules & Guidelines:1. Be nice. Start with something they do well. Talk about a particular part in the paper where they make a good point, are convincing, interesting or informative (or something else they do well).2. Give them helpful feedback: specific, linked to specific passages in the paper, relating to one of the important parts of the paper discussed in the worksheets you used while writing the paper. Try to pick something they are struggling with and that you really felt you understood well while working on your own paper. Be nice about this, as well, but also be honest. DO NOT neurotically tell them each and every thing they’ve gotten wrong. This, generally, isn’t helpful to people, even if it feels helpful.
Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file

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