Learning Goal: I’m working on a news media exercise and need support to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a news media exercise and need support to help me learn.Annotated Bibliography This assignment is designed to encourage you to locate quality sources that will provide information for your concept explication, theory development paper and final paper. To do this assignment, you’ll first need to fully develop your research question (RQ). Then you’ll need to identify a concept within that RQ that is deep enough to make it usable for a research proposal. Then, you’ll need to select a theoretical framework (or two) that will allow you to investigate your RQ. Finally, you will compile and annotate a list of sources for each of these items (plus any other relevant topics), using appropriate subheads to organize the bibliography. Some guidelines to follow: Open your annotated bibliography with a statement of your research question and a brief explanation of the concepts and theoretical approaches you plan to pursue. Limit yourself to reputable academic, trade and media sources. You need a good mix of books and journal articles, with trade journals and popular press pieces included as appropriate. Use online sources only if you can verify the reputation and veracity of the source and include only those sources that you have actually read. For each entry, make it clear how that source relates to your topic. If you have a book with chapters on multiple topics, be sure to note which chapter relates to your RQ. If it’s not clear from the title of a journal article how it relates to your RQ, please make this clear in the annotation. For journal articles that are research studies, please describe the methods and summarize the findings in the annotation. There’s no absolute number of sources to include, but a good ballpark figure is 25 – 35. Use American Psychological Association style for your bibliography. Feel free to look at examples of published annotated bibliographies for guidance. A sample APA 7th edition annotated bibliography can be found here: https://www.bethel.edu/library/research/apa-annobi… Other useful examples can be found using Oxford Bibliographies Online (http://tinyurl.com/nb8gbs9). Remember that this assignment includes the annotated bibliography, as well as the relevant research question(s) and/or hypothesis(es).
Requirements: Bibliography

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