Learning Goal: I’m working on a statistics question and need guidance to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a statistics question and need guidance to help me learn.095 Elementary Statistics SJSUPersonalized Course Schedule Please read these instructions carefully when preparing your schedule. The goal of this activity is to have you plan a schedule of activities required to succeed in this course. Planning is essential to your success! You will also get one more opportunity to practice uploading and submitting documents through Canvas.Format: You may use bullet points or outline format or provide an actual calendar, if you like. Be as specific as possible. In other words, don’t just write something like “Week 1: will study.”What is needed: You will need a copy of the current course syllabus. You will also need access to Canvas.When finished: Upload the entire document (as a PDF file) to Canvas,Building Your Personalized Course ScheduleUse the course syllabus to make a personalized schedule of activities and due dates. You want to list the dates and times for the various events and activities over the next semester (either 16 weeks, 10 week summer session, or 5 week summer session). Please note that it is better (and easier) to spread out your activities, working a little bit at a time, rather than trying to do everything at the last minute. Don’t try to “cram” for the assignments. Doing so will likely result in poor learning and low grades. Try to keep a steady pace throughout the course.Goal: To create a course schedule based on our course requirements and schedule that fits your personal schedule so you can succeed in this course. Questions to consider when creating your personalized schedule (you do not have to answer these questions directly; you just have to think about them when making your schedule):Based on the syllabus, what are the critical deadlines each week? In other words, when are all of your assignments due?
When and how often will you watch the lessons each week?
How much time will you schedule for the quizzes and Problem Sets?
When and how often will you schedule times to study for the exams?
When will you start and finish the project reports?
Will there be times when you do not have access to a computer or the Internet? What is your plan to complete the assignments before you lack access?
DO NOT just copy the schedule in the syllabus. I want you to reach all of the points listed above.Instructions for uploading papers to CANVASReturn to the Modules page in Canvas (https://sjsu.instructure.com/)
Click the “Submit Assignment” link to the right of the “Your 16-week Schedule”
Click on “Choose File,” find, and select the document on your computer with your written answers. Click “Open.”
Click “Submit Assignments” when all the files to be uploaded have been selected.
You should see that the submission status in the upper right side of the page indicates “Turned In!”
Requirements: xx

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