Mini-essay AlbanyInstruction: You will be asked to write up to 500 words (includ

Mini-essay AlbanyInstruction: You will be asked to write up to 500 words (including all components of your report) on a course-related topic. 10% +/- leeway is permitted without penalty. Your essay should be presented professionally, use headings/sections, any reference should be properly cited. Check for any grammar/spelling errors. You should use a minimum font size of 12pt, double spacing, attach a cover page with your name and student ID number clearly stated as well as the word count. Resources: relate materials from the required text, lecture notes, and any readings to your discussion as much as possible. External sources should be referred to only when necessary and should be limited to a minimal level. Topic: Conduct research on the recent OCR (Official Cash Rate) in NZ. Write an essay to explain the OCR rate movements since the beginning of 2020 and demonstrate your understanding of the importance of the OCR rate. Justify your arguments with evidence and quality references.Incorporate the following questions into your discussion. Note these are perspectives that you should build into your discussion, but you should not present the essay in a question-answer format. A standard essay format should be adopted.What is the current OCR rate? Has it changed from the beginning of the year?Discuss the OCR trend from the beginning of 2020. Explain the government’s underlying rationale for any change in the OCR rate. How many changes were made and what were the reasons for the changes?Explain clearly how the OCR changes impact the macroeconomic environment.Do you think it is likely that the OCR rate will change again within this year? Why?
Requirements: 500

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