Module One (Introduction): You will develop your working thesis: In this one-pag

Module One (Introduction): You will develop your working thesis: In this one-page paper, you will provide background for the challenge, its significance, why did you select this issue. To accomplish that, you will analyze and integrate various sources of information including library and online resources, databases available through reputable international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, etc. Please explain local effects of this global challenge. Who are the major stakeholders interested in addressing this issue? Articulate the challenges you foresee in finding a solution. Your paper should be in APA style, written in the third person, declarative sentences, written in ACTIVE voice, and if you use citations, properly referenced. (By the way this previous sentence is a PASSIVE sentence. Don’t write in that style!) You do not need a cover page or headers, etc. You are still practicing.Students explore the concept of Global Citizenship and develop an understanding of current global challenges and their effects on local communities, as well as the major stakeholders involved in addressing these challenges. They learn about the role of international organizations and the processes these organizations use to design and implement effective solutions for global challenges. They explore how proposed solutions may be affected by the intersection of cultural perspectives and sovereign interests. As an outcome of the course, students will identify a global issue/challenge that they care deeply about and will develop an actionable “Commitment to Action Proposal”.Throughout the course, the emphasis is on developing/strengthening the following values integral to the leadership as an activity in organizations and communities — regionally, nationally and internationally:Integrating theory and practiceReflection-in-actionContinuous developmentCollaborationCreating sustainable enterprisesImproving competitive advantageSocial responsibilitySystems thinkingStrategic level changeThe value of diversity in all its formsInnovative thinking and practiceThe paper needs to be 1 page double spaced in Times Roman 12pt
Requirements: 1 page double spaced

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