Question 1: (1 page, 1 reference) Consider the following prompt and compose your

Question 1: (1 page 1 reference) Consider the following prompt and compose your response post with supporting examples: Please examine other scholarly article of your choice that could intrigue your interest for the topic of your dissertation. Then discuss how did the author(s): ● Compare and contrast each source to other relevant literature on the topic? ● Argue or provide evidence that each source contributes to the body of knowledge about the topic? ● Synthesize the ideas to assess the state of knowledge on the topic and identify the existing gap? Please note you may use your selected article as one of the articles for question 2 In addition to the textbook include a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your discussion. Respond to at least one peer enhancing the collaborative learning environment. Question 2 Background of the Study: Practice developing the background section of your potential prospectus by providing the following: ● Review resources within the field you have chosen for your research find at least three (3) recently published resources that support/justify a current and relevant problem in your discipline or professional field(college admission) and critically analyze each of the resources. Include evidence that provides the justification for your potential research problem by (a) an in-text citation; (b) what problem was studied; (c) the findings of the study; (d) why this research is important in relation to your study; and (e) include a statement that summarizes prior research done on your potential topic and the need for your proposed research. Please provide in addition to the textbook a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your activity. Question 3: Review the chapter and reflect the following terms and applicability and significance of each: ● Sampling distribution and central limit theorem. Include hypothetical examples for better clarity. ● What is a z statistic and what qualifies a statistic to be z statistic based on the central limit theorem and the basic properties of normal distributions? What are the limitations of the central limit theorem and how are some of these limitations bypassed? ● What test statistic is used for constructing a confidence interval on the populations proportion? ● Why and when is the t statistic used in constructing a confidence interval for the mean of a population? Question 4(attached excel) Upload the Excel data file Career in SPSS and save it in SPSS data format for future use. The data file is available on GAP under Supplemental Material folder. Complete the following tasks and copy your results in a word document and submit your report. Note: If you do not have access to SPSS you can do this assignment in Excel. ● Build a frequency table for the variable Age. ● Compose standardized values for the variable Family Income. Report key descriptive statistics for this variable. Make sure your report table includes measures of kurtosis and skewness. ● Sketch a histogram for the variable Family Income. Based on your visual inspection and measures of kurtosis and skewness what is your conclusion regarding the shape of the distribution? ● Create a cross tabulation of Education vs Income and interpret the result. Question 5(1 page 1 reference) Select an objective(academic research) that relates to your professional future. ● How does this objective apply to your current internship job(marketing analyst in education industry)? Give an example. ● Are there areas in your internship job where there could be improvement concerning this objective topic or is it being handled well; what are your recommendations? ● In your response provide at least one (1) peer-reviewed source to support your ideas on this subject.