Read detailed answers for the following GD topics (with ˜for and ˜against poin

Read detailed answers for the following GD topics (with ˜for and ˜against points).Digital payments are secure and India is ready to go cashless.Chinese goods are a threat to Indian businessmen and economy.Modis ˜Make in India campaign is better than the old ˜Made in India campaign.Demonetization is a successful and effective move.Govt. can easily control the rising petrol prices.India needs bullet trains!India should implement a uniform civil code.Superintelligence and AI: Is it a boon or bane for India?Should national anthems be played in cinema halls?Is Sarahah promoting cyberbullying?Online games like Blue Whale and Slendarman are dangerous for the youth. Hence Whatsapp should be banned in India.Driverless car ban in India “ is it a right move?Is victim shaming (as in the high-profile Chandigarh stalking case) justified?Womens IPL is a welcome move.Minors abortion: should it be left to the mercy of the court?More and more mobile towers in residential areas. Boon or bane?Caste-based reservation must be replaced with economic status and education of parents.Can privatization save Air India?Is GST a ˜one nation ˜one tax reform?Will the Chinese project OBOR or ˜One Belt One Road benefit India?