Read the assigned readings for this week: Everett, S., & Moyer, R. (7). Inqu

Read the assigned readings for this week: Everett S. & Moyer R. (7). Inquirize Your Teaching.Science and Children 44(7) 54-57. Vincent D. Cassel D. & Milligan J. (8). Will it Float?Science and Children 45(6) 36-39. After you have completed the readings include the following in a single discussion post: Write a brief (one paragraph) summary for each reading. Choose one of the following reflective prompts and respond. Everett and Moyer (7) describe how not all hands-on activities are inquiry activities. Further they explain how a teacher can use the 5E instructional model to inquirize instruction. Think of a hands-on science activity that you have either seen or experienced. Briefly describe that activity and then describe how it could be inquirized using the 5E model. The Will it Float activity is grounded in the science concept of density. What concepts might students already know going into this activity? What conceptual understanding of density would they develop as a result of this 5E activity? Which of the 5E stages explained in this article seems the most important for student learning? Explain your reasoning.