Read: “Worry About the Right Things” and “The Media Likes Scaring Us” by John St

Read: “Worry About the Right Things” and “The Media Likes Scaring Us” by John Stossel.Watch: The YouTube Videos from 20/20 about Media Hype.Write: Students are to write a 3-page reaction paper regarding “Worry About the Right Things”, “The Media Likes Scaring Us”, and the Media Hype 20/20 YouTube videos.I’d like to know your opinion regarding the two articles you read and YouTube videos you watched. Please include your responses to these questions in your paper.Was anything surprising to you?
Discuss something you remember being “hyped” on TV or in the newspaper.
Describe a time when you or your family members were affected by media hype.
Has something hyped in the media affected the way you thought or behaved?
Do you have any fears that may have been enhanced by something you saw, heard, or read via some form of media?
Discuss in detail some of the situations the author discussed and your reaction to it.
Papers Must:Be typed, 12 point font, double spaced- May Use MLA or APA style only.
Include proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Include proper paragraphs (approximately 5 sentences per paragraph).
Include proper format (introduction, body, conclusion).
Include a cover page.
Include a works cited page.
Be a full 3 pages (in addition to your cover page and works cited page).
Remember to cite your sources (proper citation).
Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file

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