Students will write abstracts at the end of each module integrating and summariz

Students will write abstracts at the end of each module integrating and summarizing the most important points from the chapters discussed in the module. Class participants will demonstrate their ability to assimilate, interpret and communicate the information provided in their readings. In a four-pager document, (including one title page and one reference page) students will write an abstract describing the content discussed in the readings, power-point presentation, and class discussion (that takes place over Zoom). The first page of the document should include a title page. Second page of the document includes your abstract. Here you should address the following questions:What is the content of the module about?
What are the most relevant concepts discussed?
Why is the content/reading important?
In the third page of the document, a section of critical thinking will be developed. In this section, you will challenge one point of discussion covered in the class/reading. The critical thinking section will help you to further develop your ability to use relevant information while objectively evaluating an issue where you will explain why do you disagree with an argument or assumption made by the authors of the readings. Your argument will have to be done with some form of evidence supported with at least one reference. Last page of your document should include a reference list with no more than 2 sources. A&CT should be typed and single-spaced. Please use 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1” margins on all sides. Rubric and samples are provided in the content area. Make sure you cover all aspects of your rubric
Requirements: 2 pages

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