The Project Proposal is between 3000 – 4000 words in length. It comprises:Abstra

The Project Proposal is between 3000 – 4000 words in length. It comprises:Abstract
Introduction and Background – what stakeholders and topics concerned? What problem will you address? Why is the project important? What are the benefits to the stakeholders? How does it relate to previous work and existing knowledge?
Aims and objectives – What will the project deliver? Are there intermediate or enabling deliverables?
Literature review
Technologies and Resources – list the major resources required. What technologies are you going to use? Where will your data come from?
Method and Workplan – How will you use the technologies and resources to achieve your aims? Show the major phases of the project, milestones and deliverables. Consider major contingencies. Generate a schedule using a Gantt chart or similar form and analyse risks.
Discussion regarding Ethics aspects, as well as data protection and safety relating to the project.
CriteriaIntroduction (Motivation, Background, Context & Research Problem, 10%)Is motivation and background explained? Is the research problem stated, and set in context?Aims and Objectives (Suitability & SMARTness, 10%)Are aims and objectives suitable for the MSc Programme? Are the objectives SMART? please see this site for SMART objectives explanation []: S – specific, significant, stretching. M – measurable, meaningful, motivational. A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented. R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented. T – time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable.Initial Literature Review (Review, References, 30%)Is reviewed literature relevant to the project? Is reviewed literature up-to-date? Is topic sufficiently covered? Is there sufficient discussion and critical analysis? Is referencing style and usage correct? Are important, key references identified? Are used references of suitable type (i.e. not only online resources)?Ethics Relevance & Progress (10%)If applicable: have initially raised ethics issues been addressed? Are there any additional ethics issues?Technologies & Resources (Relevance, Alternatives, 10%)Are relevant technologies and resources stated? Are reasons for decisions given? Are alternatives discussed?Research Method & Work Plan (10%)Is the research method appropriate, feasible and complete? Is a basic diagrammatic work plan provided, containing timeline and milestones/deliverables?Overall Content and Presentation (20%)LANGUAGE (SPELLING, GRAMMAR, STYLE) – ARE SPELLINGS AND USE OF GRAMMAR CORRECT? IS WRITING STYLE CLEAR AND CONCISE? ARE PHRASING AND SENTENCE LENGTHS APPROPRIATE?SCOPE (BREADTH AND DEPTH OF THE REPORT, TECHNICAL ACCURACY)- HOW BROAD IS THE OVERALL SCOPE OF THE REPORT? HOW IN-DEPTH IS THE REPORT CONTENT? HOW TECHNICALLY ACCURATE IS THE REPORT?LOGICAL COHERENCE (CLARITY OF EXPRESSION AND EXPLANATIONS) – HOW CLEAR IS THE OVERALL EXPOSITION? HOW WELL ARE COMPLEX FACTS EXPLAINED?ADHERENCE TO FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS – IS TITLE PAGE, FONT AND LINE SPACING CORRECT? IS TABLE OF CONTENTS CREATED AUTOMATICALLY?QUALITY OF DIAGRAMS – IS ASPECT-RATIO RESPECTED IF COPIED FROM THIRD-PARTY IMAGE? DIAGRAM READABLE, NOT BLURRED?
Requirements: 3000-4000

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