This week, you will analyze barriers to strategic implementation.A growing prima

This week, you will analyze barriers to strategic implementation.A growing primary care practice is expanding to a second location in a busy shopping center in its target area. The practice’s partners projected that the new location will be ready to see patients in six months.Mary Jones, the operations manager, was tasked with this implementation. Five months have passed and the second office is nowhere near ready to see patients. After a tense meeting with the practice’s partners, Mary Jones quit. The group has hired you as an outside consultant to help identify where things have gone wrong and what actions should be taken.Without the original source (Mary Jones) to interview, your job is especially challenging as you have to consider all possible options.Write an essay in which you address each of the following:What do you think has gone wrong? (Review the steps in “Implementing a Strategic Plan” in the presentation to help you identify potential issues.)
What barriers could be causing this implementation to fail? List, describe, and explain at least three potential barriers.
What would you recommend to address these barriers?
Hints: At a minimum, a medical office needs a space specifically designed for medical purposes, equipment and instruments, providers and staff to provide care, and IT systems for record keeping, billing, and scheduling appointments. In addition, the facility has to be properly licensed and the practice needs to be credentialed to bill government and private insurance.Your assignment should be 1–2 pages in length, include evidence or information from at least one credible external source, and follow APA 7th edition formatting and citation.
Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file