Write a brief thought paper that reflects on the readings for the topic posted b

Write a brief thought paper that reflects on the readings for the topic posted below (Times New Roman font, 12 font sizes, 1” margins, single space, full-page). The papers must be integrative and may not focus on only one reading. Thought papers should be uploaded to Canvas before the beginning of each class. See “Instructions for Submitting Thought Papers on Canvas”.Notes on Thought Papers(Adapted from syllabi by Avril Thorne and Barbara Rogoff, UC Santa Cruz)Thought papers are intended to be reactions, constructive extensions, and integrations of the readings and other material. Discuss the most interesting idea in the readings from your point of view. You can also relate an interesting idea in the current reading to something else you have read or thought about that is relevant to the topic of the essay. You can include relevant personal experiences, but the majority of essays should focus on scholarly ideas and points. You can speculate and play with ideas. We will be looking more for the coherence of your ideas than for the actual truth of the arguments. Thought papers are not intended to be a venue for the recurrent affirmation of a system of belief (e.g., theory, science, religion), but to make reflections on the assigned reading from your point of view and incorporating different perspectives. For this reason, we ask you to avoid making each thought paper a repetition of the ideals you believe in and an opportunity for self-affirmation. It’s perfectly fine to write a critique of the reading or write something that we disagree with. We prefer a good argument to agreement for the sake of agreement. Whether you agree or disagree with the points made by the author(s), it will be important to make your thinking process and how you arrived at proposals and conclusions. If you suggest a new avenue for research, explain why this research avenue seems fruitful. Make arguments and evidence clearly, and distinguish speculation from ‘fact’ (include both).
Requirements: 2 pages

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